About us

Our Humble Start

The motivation behind Humble Start is being from St. Louis, MO there is a lot of crime and violence that gets mainstreamed around the world. This gives the beautiful city a bad reputation, so I have attempted to create a positive movement/clothing line to bring the city and beyond together. Everyone has their own trials and tribulations, and just because you have a HUMBLE START doesn't mean you won't have a bright future.

Our Vision

Humble Start is a universal brand that can apply to any and everyone, regardless of gender, race, upbringing, sexuality, or beliefs. Humble Start strives on the ability to bring everyone together.

We at Humble Start really believe that Humble Start can apply to everyone from the athlete, the student, the worker, and the everyday person.

I want to thank everyone for the support of HUMBLE START and remember the time will come!!!!


Founded in St. Louis, MO by William Anderson



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